ALIVE Energy specializes in the development, sourcing, and distribution of LED technology products from China

With our strong network of local partners (suppliers, consultants, freight forwarders, export and packaging agencies) we are well placed to help companies seeking a local, personal and professional partner in China.

With increasing energy costs, and the impact of incandescent bulbs on the environment, ALIVE Energy's mission is to supply quality LED lighting at affordable prices and we are constantly expanding our ranges to reflect changing trends. We offer a broad range of lighting styles - from the traditional to the contemporary.

ALIVE Energy is based in Guangdong province in Guangzhou, at the heart of the LED lighting industry. The majority of global suppliers and product designers of LED lights are based here. Our sourcing philosophy is to work directly with local manufacturers to keep the supply chain as short as possible, and to develop long term relationships. We also have representatives in Hong Kong, Paris and London, and work with clients all over the world.

Our clients are typically international companies wishing to achieve a cost advantage by sourcing from Asia. We work together with all our partners to reduce your costs, identify the right suppliers, manage your supply chain, and ensure the quality of LED products.

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