Spare parts and component manufacturing

Alive Energy has been designing, developing and manufacturing spare parts components for years. Our experienced staff and strong local partnerships ensure all projects are manufactured exactly to the customer's specifications and to the high quality expected. Our experienced engineering team operates as an extension of our customer's product development team to provide both OEM & ODM engineering services.


Aluminum :
- Process : extrusion, CNC, bending, stamping, laser cut, die-cast
- Finishing : anodization (silver or colored), paint, sand blasting
Steel (regular, 304, 316) :
- Process : CNC, die-cast, stamping, bending, spot-welding, laser cut
- Finishing : paint, sand-blasting, polishing

Plastic parts

PC (up to 960 deg C. resistant), PMMA, PB, PVC, acrylic :
- Process : extrusion, die casting, laser cutting, vaccum forming


Glass disks :borosilicate, schott, tempered glass, regular,...
- Process : diamond cutting
- Finishing : sand blasting, anti IR and UV coating, color coating
Others :
silicon parts & honeycomb filters, lens, reflector, wood parts, PCBs

Design and ODM

ALIVE Energy also designs and manufactures new LED products for client, ensuring a quality at the best prices. We collaborate with clients in two ways to bring new products to market. We can locate a manufacturer for your existing designs, or design LED products from scratch.

According to Customer Design

ALIVE Energy supports:
- The qualification and localization of suppliers for the spare components
- The designs and creation of the molds (metal and plastic) that will remain the customer's property
- The selection of OEM factory focused on the type of product requested (bulb, lighting, etc.).
- Validation of manufacturing processes
- Monitoring of production schedules and overall project management

According to customer specifications

ALIVE Energy supports:
- The management of the design process based on customer specifications
- Product development by our engineers with industrial design software
- Product validation - Prototyping
- Post production validation
- Project management with dedicated staff